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  • endosteally — adverb see endosteal …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • endosteally — end·osteally …   English syllables

  • endosteal — adjective Date: circa 1868 1. of or relating to the endosteum 2. located within bone or cartilage • endosteally adverb …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Dinosaur — For other uses, see Dinosaur (disambiguation). Dinosaurs Temporal range: Late Triassic–Late Cretaceous, 231.4–65.5 Ma …   Wikipedia

  • Origin of birds — For the book by Gerhard Heilmann, see The Origin of Birds (book). The famous Berlin specimen of Archaeopteryx lithographica The origin of birds is a contentious and central topic within evolutionary biology. A close relationship between birds and …   Wikipedia

  • Dinosaur reproduction — was sexual, with newborns hatching from eggs. Contents 1 Medullary bone 2 Ornithopod reproduction 2.1 Hadrosaur reproduction 2.1.1 In the Dinosaur Park Formation …   Wikipedia

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